Whos Guys | Can Stimulus lead to inflation? Crypto on the MOVE

Whos Coins Jan. 16th, 2021

Daily Coin dates in the whos world

Whos coins are brought to you by who. Not whose but whos. Do not take financial advice from ‘who because these are coin dates. Updates on whos coins. Whos coins coin dates. The best way to invest in the crypto world is dollar-cost averaging, although you do as you please because this is whos coins coin dates.

HODL & Brrrr

Whos News briefing

  • January’s decentralized exchange volumes are on track to reach record highs. (Whos Guys wants to see a $1,100,000,000,000 Crypto market cap.)
  • CEO of ARK Invest believes that we are on the verge of a technological revolution.
  • CEO of NYDIG wants every multi-billion dollar insurance fund to buy Bitcoin.
  • Will insurance companies enter the crypto space?
  • Public companies are looking into Bitcoin.
  • Galaxy Digital is launching a new bitcoin mining business unit according to this Statement.
  • Elon Musk Is Starting to Truly Understand Bitcoin instead of just trolling DOGE.
  • More adoption of digital wallets. (Whos Guys sees 75% of people using digital wallets by 2022)
  • Polkadot Flips XRP to Become 4th-Largest Cryptocurrency. (Either HODL your XRP until it disappears or trade it to something safe.)
  • Ethereum Co-founder Wants to Help Jack Dorsey Decentralize Twitter. (What does twitter banning the president mean for us?)
  • Can social media live purely on the internet like bitcoin, leading to own your data?
  • Possible Rigged election in Uganda leading to internet shutdown and stops bitcoin trading. (Why are illegal elections only believable if it is not the U.S.?)
  • If you like crypto currencies, have you looked into mining companies like Riot Blockchain INC or Marathon Patent Group INC? < RIOTMARA >
  • Whos Guys likes this WEDGE Long BTC pattern.
  • Are we going to see a fall in Bitcoin dominance and a mini version to 2017?
  • Bullish ALTs in action.

Whos news brief is not to be taken as financial advice but a stepping stone to lead you into doing your research.  Teach yourself and become independent.

Bitcoin (BTC) Rank #1

Market Cap


24 Hour Trading Vol


24h Low / 24h High

$34,913.61 / $37,834.56

Circulating Supply

18,602,231 / 21,000,000

Fully Diluted Valuation


Max Supply


Bitcoin $BTC – Stack Sats for life.

Ethereum (ETH) Rank #2

Market Cap


24 Hour Trading Vol


24h Low / 24h High

$1,118.74 / $1,284.74

Circulating Supply

114,278,013 / ∞

Ethereum $ETH  – BUY or HODL?

Chainlink (LINK) Rank $9

Market Cap


24 Hour Trading Vol


24h Low / 24h High

$18.86 / $22.61

Circulating Supply

401,509,556 / 1,000,000,000

Fully Diluted Valuation


Max Supply


Cardano (ADA) Rank #6

Market Cap


24 Hour Trading Vol


24h Low / 24h High

$0.294557 / $0.361081

Circulating Supply

31,112,484,646 / 45,000,000,000

Stables Coins

(A stablecoin is a new class of cryptocurrencies that attempts to offer price stability and are backed by a reserve asset.)


Market Cap


24 Hour Trading Vol


24h Low / 24h High

$0.998070 / $1.01

Circulating Supply 

1,349,310,936 / 1,329,537,952

Fully Diluted Valuation


Max Supply


Dai is a stable, decentralized currency that does not discriminate.


In order to explore addresses and transactions for bitcoin, you may use block explorers such as blockchair.com, btc.com, and btc.tokenview.com.

Additional information can be found at http://www.bitcoin.org or https://www.ethereum.org/.

Coins above are those is which whos currently participates in.

Coins also in whos world, being watch and/or possibly coming to later coin dates…



Whos guys should not be solely relied on for financial advice.  Do your own research and use us as a tool to succeed.  For those who know, know.
Who is Whos? Not sure… don’t take advice from a who. :p

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