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On video Donald Trump said he would “Only accept the elections results… if I won.”

Although people want to say he isn’t going to accept the loss, we think he will. Whos thinks that he was trolling to earn some hype in the election. With all the fishy stuff going on in Washington, it wouldn’t and sadly shouldn’t surprise you at all that there is cheating going on. Trump has the right to claim false votes, even if he is wrong, you never know. Do some research for yourself and see this has happened before. We wish the best for the U.S. and hope this is untrue, but you can’t trust anyone there with your life.

Sen. Mitt Romney – “I would prefer to see a more graceful departure but that’s not in the nature of the man,” said Romney,  nonetheless insisting that Trump is “the most powerful voice in our party” who “will have an enormous impact” going forward. 

Since Donald Trump is the main voice of the Republican political party, we are sure that he will be around for a while, like he should.

To see past tampered elections follow this link. ELECTION

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