Since most people could not read at the time they created heraldry used for a short saying.  Heraldry is the creation of the coat of arms. This involves the design, regulation, recording, and the use of the coat of arms.  If you are not familiar with what a coat of arms is, they resemble the heroic deeds, an honorable achievement, or is bound to a prominent position by the person they are designated for.  The grant of bearing arms is inherited and should be thought of as an armiger.  The armiger can inherit the coat of arms from the father only if they are the oldest son.  The younger sons inherit the arms but only specific parts.  The crown named “King’s heralds” has recorded grants by the representatives. Therefore, the house of the recordings is located at the College of Arms and the corporation of the thirteen members is broken into three groups.  These contain the Three Kings of Arms, Six Heralds, and the Four Pursuivants.  The college holds a wide variety of historical books including the works of Welsh, Scottish, English, and Irish know from North America. Their works are published by the Harleian Society by the college.

The studying for the science of the arms is of two topics that have been neglected as time has passed.  As Charles Fox says it has been deemed as “the shorthand of history” and the study of it can be thought of as studying a dead language. The heraldic portion of studying and writing has been successful since the time that the Book of St. Albans was written.  The book was composed of an uncontrollable amount of garbage about the subject of Armory.  However, the book Guillem which is ranked among the Bibliography writings says that those who find themselves to mock the Armory of the present day would find themselves creating error time and time again.  The book includes the displaying of arms and the laws which govern Armory by putting forth the opinions and ideas which were later accepted.  The studying of Armory is not just a science but is portrayed in our lives day by day without us even knowing it excised.

    The origins of heraldry are uncertain, but the kings claim it began between 1135 and 1155 A.D.  Although we are unsure of how it began the Ulster King of Arms, Sir Bernard Burke has created what he thought began it all.  He said, “The registry of its birth may be found in the archives of the Holy Wars.” (The leaders of this war are to be identified by their coat of arms.)  He continues “Its cradle was rocked by the soldiers of the Cross, (fighters in the name of Jesus) and its maturity was attained in the Chivalrous age of Feudalism.” Even though the main reason for heraldry was for the knowing and honoring of the noble warriors, it is also supposed to be something to brag about.  The people at the time used this to boast themselves without using their own words.  Most families designed a Coat of arms to show their heraldry.  They put their coats of arms on anything they could think of like shields and banners, (That is why they could be identified on the battlefield.) Heraldry is still to this day passed down by families and known as honorable in other countries.