Volatility vs Stability | WhosGuys

Whos Coins February 2nd, 2023 Whos News briefing The DOJ trying to break up Google Ads? Bitcoin Mining going Nuclear? Tesla lowers prices in hopes for new customers. Are CD interest rates rising? Precious Metals & Volatility Walmart plans to build 30 “Sam’s Club” stores.  Is the Albertsons/Kroger merger over? Tesla Up 10% and more… Continue reading Volatility vs Stability | WhosGuys

Happy Whos Years | New Year with WhosGuys

Whos Coins January. 1st, 2023 Whos News briefing Happy Whos Years from WhosGuys Japan adopting nuclear energy Hackers leak info from up to 5.7 million users on Gemini Astar “Product of the Year”? Twitter Spaces talking about nuclear? Would you invest in a Crypto Roth IRA in 2023? SBF parents put up house to cover… Continue reading Happy Whos Years | New Year with WhosGuys