Whos Coins February 8th, 2023 Whos News briefing Trump regains access to Facebook and Instagram. Will Trump use Facebook to promote Truth Social? Will Disney $DIS bring back their dividend in 2023? Federal Reserve wants Food prices to stay the same in 2023. Looking back now, was raising the rates worth it? In 2023, will… Continue reading FROGGY FEBUARY | WHOSGUYS

Whos News | 9/16/22

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Fall In Love With Wisdom

There is something coming for you. The key is discipline. It's easier to fall back into something It's easier to get mad than not to get mad. It's easier when there's no other option. You don't get discipline without training. Hebrews 12 7 Endure your discipline. God corrects you as a father corrects his children. All… Continue reading Fall In Love With Wisdom

900-Pound Gorilla

WHOS NEWS On video Donald Trump said he would "Only accept the elections results... if I won." Although people want to say he isn't going to accept the loss, we think he will. Whos thinks that he was trolling to earn some hype in the election. With all the fishy stuff going on in Washington,… Continue reading 900-Pound Gorilla