WhosGuys | Whos Coins August. 30th, 2022

Whos News briefing

  • Whos NFT or Whos NFT with OpenSea & Rariable ( WhosGuys )
  • Learning crypto in 2022?
  • eBay Acquires Card Marketplace TCGPlayer for $295 Million
  • Will Cardano Fork?
  • Sports are teaming up with crypto?
  • IT’S CORN – Corn stocks on a trend with TicTok Cornboy?
  • OpenSea is turning into a ghost town?
  • Are the ETH Whales in control?
  • Is a Bitcoin worth $20,000?
  • Average home in America = $428,700
  • Nikola Stonk Continues to fall.
  • Are Psychedelics stocks a buy, Pcy stocks are increasing to be mainstream
  • Should $Link be a top 10 Crypto?

Whos news brief is not to be taken as financial advice but a stepping stone to lead you into doing your research.  Teach yourself and become independent.

Daily Coin dates in the whos world

Whos coins are brought to you by who. Not whose but whos. Do not take financial advice from ‘who because these are coin dates. Updates on whos coins. Whos coins coin dates. The best way to invest in the crypto world is dollar-cost averaging, although you do as you please because this is whos coins coin dates.

HODL & Brrrr

Bitcoin (BTC) Rank #1

Market Cap / $380,895,781,020

Bitcoin $BTC – Stack Sats for life.

Ethereum (ETH) Rank #2

Market Cap / $185,520,129,265

Chainlink (LINK) Rank #26

Market Cap / $3,081,296,594

Cardano (ADA) Rank #8

Market Cap / $15,296,335,338


In order to explore addresses and transactions for Bitcoin, you may use block explorers such as blockchair.com, btc.com, and btc.tokenview.com.

Additional information can be found here: Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Whos guys should not be solely relied on for financial advice.  Do your own research and use us as a tool to succeed.  For those who know, know.
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